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As a pastor, I come across many questions and current events and other issues that I simply cannot fully address with a thoughtful response. For this reason I am thankful that he has given us a broader church community who is speaking into these things from a biblical perspective. Therefore, I plan to make “On the Web” a regular offering on this site. Here I will provide links to some especially useful or relevant articles from recent internet posts. Each will include a brief introduction. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to comment.

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Does the Cross Show How Valuable I Am?  Often the cross is used to demonstrate how valuable we are as people. As human beings made in the image of God, we are valuable in God’s sight. But does the Bible connect the cross of Christ with our worth? John Piper helps us think this through.

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?  Recently, a professor at Wheaton College was suspended for telling her students that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.  Albert Mohler provides a necessary biblical answer to this question.


Jesus Yes – Church No?

Today, millions of people claim to love Christ but they do not love his church in any sense of the term (profession, affection, commitment, prayer, etc.). And by church, I mean a local congregation of believers in Jesus Christ who meet regularly and are committed to one another. Can you really claim to love Jesus and not yet you don’t love the church? I stumbled across this audio clip today which answers this question with a resounding “No.” Please take the three minutes to listen to or read the response to this question by John Piper.


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Ephesians: Jesus Loves His Church

What is the DNA of the church? The DNA of any living thing determines what it will look like and, to a large extent, how it will act. So it is with the church. So what is the DNA of the church? What is it that makes a church a church?

Is the church a building? Is the church known by its various programs? Is a church a group of people who meet together regularly, have potlucks, and care for one another? Certainly, we do these things, but this definition is not different from any social club.

Furthermore, how should a church function? Can churches do whatever they think is best or has God left instructions to follow? Is there anything unique about what a church does or who is included in the church? Is church membership like a Costco membership, a business arrangement which demands no real commitment? Or is it more like a marriage, which requires deep commitment and plenty of patience and forgiveness?

The book of Ephesians speaks to these matters. It was written to a real local church made up of real Christians who were struggling with real issues. And in this letter, we learn a great deal about what a church is and how it ought to function. And in the midst of all this, we find that God has chosen the church through which to display his own wisdom (Eph. 3:10)! Surely, the church is radically different from anything else in the world.

The church is unique. Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her (Eph. 5:25). If Jesus showed the depth of his love for the church by dying for her, surely we ought also to love the church.

Join us beginning January 24 as we dig into Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church in the new series Ephesians: Jesus Loves His Church.